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As an inventor or an entrepreneur, you have a vision of your product flying off the shelves and customers lining up to purchase it.

GSG will identify what success looks like to you and will create and execute a strategy that will make that success attainable.

With a clear understanding of the product and goals, GSG will determine the viability of your product in the marketplace, and whether it should be manufactured in the United States or overseas.

Our experienced team has developed a design-to-delivery process that provides an end-to-end, turnkey sourcing solution, ensuring optimal results for every sourcing project and protects you from unscrupulous players. Our 20+ years in the industry guarantees that the final product is delivered on time and matches your exact specifications.

The result of our working together may be the realization that a product is not ready for manufacturing and distribution and that further development is needed before moving forward. While a great deal of time, energy and money may have been invested, GSG protects every client from all external and internal forces that may lead to failure.

GSG will work with you to ask and answer the following questions and concerns:

  • Have you invented a product, and you’re looking for a low cost manufacturer to help you develop a profitable company?

  • Is your product protected by copyright, trademark(s) or patent(s)?

  • Are you ready to see your vision become a reality, but don’t know how to get started or who to trust?

  • Have you received quotes from on-line sourcing websites, but are hesitant to “pull the trigger?”

  • How do you select a supplier in China?  It’s much more complicated than finding a supplier in the U.S. and one can not go it alone. Global Sourcing Group can handle all of your due diligence.

  • Caveat Emptor or Let the buyer beware needs to be taken to a whole new level in China. There are literally millions of factories, trading companies and individuals that will tell you anything you want to hear to try to get your business, and their respective capabilities vary greatly. Have you been "burned" before?

  • Without a presence in China, it is extremely difficult to find a reliable supplier.   If you don’t have a trusted partner like the Global Sourcing Group representing your interests, you might end up being one of the many horror stories we often read about.

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