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Global Sourcing Group LLC  

Global Sourcing Group LLC is a full-service consultancy with the global experience and connections to bring products from concept to market. GSG protects clients from unscrupulous players overseas and in North America.

GSG works with:

  • Entrepreneurs & Inventors
  • Established Companies Seeking to Expand Domestically and Internationally
  • Product Distributors and Wholesalers

Contact GSG today to begin taking the steps to develop a new product or product line and globally expand production, marketing and distribution.

Let Global Sourcing Group handle:

  • Time Zones
  • Language Barriers
  • Cultural Differences
  • Overseas Sourcing Risks and Challenges
  • "Boots on the Ground" in China
  • Qualify Suppliers and Establish Preferred vendors
  • Factory Audits

The Global Sourcing Group Advantage

The GSG mission is to help clients save money and increase profits by sourcing products in countries with lower manufacturing costs and importing them into the client's target market—efficiently and cost effectively.  

In China, we act on behalf of inventors, small to medium size companies and distributors to reach client objectives and protect client interests. GSG has experienced staff in the USA and boots on the ground in China, including native Chinese sourcing specialists.

The GSG philosophy is a combination of Midwestern business ethics and Chinese business acumen–a multinational team familiar with business practices in both countries…the good, bad and the ugly.

GSG provides customized marketing solutions to enable businesses to confidently expand into international markets. As the demand in China continues to grow for goods imported from the USA and Europe, GSG has the distribution network to penetrate the market and achieve growth for you in China.

GSG - Global Sourcing Group LLC | Services
  • Full service, turnkey supplier

  • Logistics, door to door shipments

  • Quality control, Inspections and testing

  • Packaging

  • Patent/Trademark assistance

  • Importer of record

  • Vendor Management (Due Diligence)

  • Arrange factory visits

  • Arrange trade show visits

  • Cost Reduction

  • Product Development

  • Quality Control

  • Product Assembly

  • Prototyping

  • Tooling Design

  • Warehousing

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