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Even with years or decades in business, the manufacturing of a new product or the first foray into offshore production requires the consultation of an expert in domestic and international design, development, production and distribution.

Global Sourcing Group helps in a number of ways. From design to delivery, our experienced team has developed a process to provide you with an end-to-end, turnkey sourcing solution that ensures optimal results for every sourcing project, protects you from unscrupulous players, and guarantees that the final product is delivered on time and matches your exact specifications.

We support most manufacturing processes and have an experienced team in both China and the USA to mitigate your risk. At every stage of this process we work to reduce costs, add value, and deliver consistent quality.

GSG will work with you to ask and answer the following questions and concerns:

  • Are you ready to become a global player and take advantage of the sourcing benefits that the big brands enjoy, but you don’t have established business contacts overseas?

  • Are you looking for an overseas manufacturing solution to lower costs and become more competitive but you don’t know how to get started?

  • Is the competition already sourcing overseas?

  • Do you want to start taking advantage of lower manufacturing costs in Asia to become more profitable, but you don’t know who to trust?

  • The cost benefits of sourcing overseas can be significant, but the risks are many.    Are you concerned about about quality, inspections, import/export regulations, payment terms, or logistics?

There is no shortage of stories about inconsistent quality and workmanship, shortcuts in materials used, and even toxic chemicals found in products manufactured overseas.

Our mission is to ensure that the final product matches your exact specifications, and that our customer service exceeds your expectations.

Global Sourcing Group LLC works directly with factories, not second or third tier suppliers/trading companies. This ensures that products come in on time, on spec, and within budget.

Our goal is to understand each client's business objectives so well as to be considered an extension of the organization. GSG is your sourcing team on the ground in China.

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