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For decades, Cliff Breslow, President of Global Sourcing Group has been working around globe with a variety of clients, from individual entrepreneurs with single product ideas to Fortune 500 companies in need of overseas sourcing and distribution. In each case, he has delivered great successes. Below are brief descriptions of a handful of recent success stories.

A GSG consultant will be more than happy to discuss these projects in greater detail and how these experiences can be to your advantage as a GSG client.

  • Multi-million dollar distribution network
  • PROJECT:  Breslow was called upon by a Fortune 500 company to build a distribution network throughout Asia to sell and service industrial products.

    RESULTS:  The result of this seven year effort was an increase of sales in Asia from $4 million to $30 million.

  • Asia-based Start-up

    PROJECT:  Asia-based start-up company, a producer of life safety systems (toxic gas detectors) required development of new sales and service centers to sell primarily within the semiconductor industry, as well as the industries of solar cell manufacturing, petrochemical, water treatment facilities (government), universities and aerospace.

    RESULTS:  Breslow facilitated all start-up processes, staffed, trained and managed multiple regional sales and service centers within Singapore and Shanghai, China.

    Built a team of sales and service engineers, formed strategic partnerships in China, accelerating sales growth over three years. Sales in China increased from $300,000 to $2 million.

  • Sourcing for Worldwide Retailer
  • PROJECT:  For a major, international retailer, Breslow was enlisted to identify market needs, develop product assortments and source consumer products.

    RESULTS:  These efforts created a diverse and profitable line of products for the client, to be sold worldwide.

  • Product Development and Launch
  • PROJECT:  Fortune 500 company in need of development and launch of an industrial gas detection system to be sourced in Asia.

    RESULTS:  Breslow provided the services required to successfully develop and launch the system, including sourcing in Korea. The industrial gas detection system is currently sold via worldwide distribution.

  • Sheparded Entrepreneur to Fortune 500 Retailer
  • PROJECT:  Entrepreneur with a product idea in need of mass-production in order to seek and fulfill large purchase orders.

    RESULTS:  Through Breslow's resources and guidance, the product is now in mass-production to be sold by a U.S. based Fortune 500 retailer.

  • Sourcing for Biofuels Industry
  • PROJECT:  Small environmenatal services company required support to source (domestic and international) commodities used as feedstock in the biofuels industry.

    RESULTS: Breslow utilized his domestic and international connections to determine the best resources of the required commodities to ensure the client received the best quality and price possible.

GSG - Global Sourcing Group LLC | Success Stories

  • Multi-Million Dollar Distribution Network

  • Asia-Based Start-Up

  • Sourcing for Worldwide Retailer

  • Product Development and Launch

  • Sheparded Entrepreneur to Fortune 500 Retailer

  • Sourcing for Biofuels Industry


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